• Enhancing The Achievement Of Vision 2030 Waste Management Sector Objectives Through Good Governance And Increased Investments
  • Enhancing Sustainable Waste Services Provision In Developing Countries;
  • Research Industry Innovation Nexus
  • Business And Partnership Opportunities And Enabling Business Environments
  • Opportunities In, Recycling, Water Re-Use, And Land Reclamation Sub-Sector

Africa Waste Management Business & Innovation Conference & Recycling Exhibition 2018 Will Provide A Networking Opportunity And Global Platform For Public And Private Sector Players To Interact, Dialogue On Waste Issues In Order To Enhance Business And Innovation While Matching Waste Management Sector Challenges To Solutions. This Will No Doubt Contribute Towards More Sustainable and Economically Viable Service Delivery, and Ultimately Towards Sustainable Development. Innovation And Knowledge Development Will Be A Key Focus Of The Conference.

Africa Waste Management Business & Innovation Conference & Recycling Exhibition 2018 Will Stimulate The Interest Of The Government, Private Sector, Key Stakeholders, Researchers, Academia, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Financiers, Media And The Public With An Aim Of Creating Synergies And Bring The Latest Technology And Innovations To The Heart Of Africa Serving As A Catalyst For Collaboration Between Africa Waste Management And Global Innovations.

This Will Be An Excellent Platform To Deliberate On Issues Related To The Use Of Technological Innovations To Reshape The Waste Industry In Order To Increase Resource Efficiency For A Sustained Economic Growth, Create Policies And Sustainable Strategies For Energy Recovery, Climate Change, And Waste Management Industry 2030+ Partnerships Opportunities And Industrial Symbiosis. Strengthening Waste Management Industry through Mobilization of Private Investment and Partnerships for Socio-Economic Prosperity. Special Attention Will Be Drawn on China’s Circular Economy, Japan’s 3R Approach, UNEP/UNIDO Cleaner Production Approach and EU’s Waste Prevention and Recycling Strategy.

It Is A Platform To Articulate The Core Challenges And Available Opportunities As Well As Discuss And Debate Issues That Seek Long Term Cost-Effective And Environmentally Responsible Solutions To The Safe Management And Disposition Of Waste Materials. It Will Create Awareness of New Complex Waste Streams, i.e E-Waste, Extended Producer Responsibility Which Is the Joint Responsibility of Citizens and Their Interest in Strengthening Their Environment. Join Us Where High Level Speakers Drawn  From The Government, Private Sector, Waste Industry, Civil Societies, Research Institutions, Local And International Consultants Will Be Presenting On Solutions That Aid Business Led Developments In Waste Industry. The African Governments Will Be Empowered To Keep Pace With Global Trends In Waste Management Industry And Help Achieve Their Objective Of Sustainability And Ecology.